About us

Koallah Farm Steven and Rachel Castle

Koallah Farm is owned and operated by the Castle family near Camperdown in south-west Victoria.

After generations of dairy farming, we moved into beef and lamb production (and more recently pork and chicken) to diversify our income and service customers looking for genuine, pastured, free range meat.

We’re passionate about traditional, sustainable farming practices and the benefits respectful animal husbandry delivers to consumers.

In addition to the superior taste of free range meat and the improved conditions for free range animals, there is growing evidence of the health benefits of eating products from pastured animals.

After operating an on-farm boning room for a few years, and dealing with third-party processors, it became evident to us that there was a real need for a more service-focused abattoir in the industry.

We embarked on a project to construct and commission Koallah Farm’s own abattoir. We wanted to not only control our own supply chain, but help other farmers diversify their businesses through new revenue opportunities.

We sourced a second-hand processing plant in New Zealand and in 2014 commissioned our fully accredited, on farm, boutique abattoir. This made us the only fully integrated operation of our kind in Victoria and we’re proud of that.

It means our animals are grown the way nature intended, are not transported long distances, are processed respectfully, butchered and packed by our own team and delivered direct to our customers.

Our family has always farmed sustainably – with minimalist intervention ensuring our animals roam freely and develop naturally.

Koallah Farm’s stocking rate is kept very low at one cow and calf to about 1.2 hectares, which means we can sustain our grass fed operations even through the tougher times when pasture growth is slow. Our approach is the same with our lamb, pork and chicken – plenty of space, pasture and patience.

As part of our commitment to sustainable farming, we grow and process only what we need to service our retail business – Simply Free Range, which operates an online/home delivery service and a butcher shop in Mt Waverley.

Koallah Farm Max Castle