Our Abattoir

Koallah Farm Boutique Abattoir

Koallah Farm began construction of Australia’s first on-farm abattoir in February 2014.

This construction was based on an existing facility which was purchased and dismantled from an operation on the North Island of New Zealand, then relocated to Koallah Farm.

Completion of the $1.4m facility with beef and lamb processing capabilities was completed in October 2014.

The pork and goat processing line was established in April 2015 and we added deer, alpaca, llama and buffalo in 2016.

The fully accredited abattoir (Lic: L00133) operates Monday to Friday alongside our team of butchers and packers in our boning room.

Koallah Farm is focused on service delivery and facilitating access to market for other primary producers, butchers, hobbyists and artisans.

We welcome and enjoy working with all farmers who want to have their own animals processed, either for home or business.

We are proud to have reestablished an abattoir service in the Corangamite community and are passionate about filling a service gap in south-west Victoria.

Please call us to discuss your needs or to obtain a quote.

Bookings are essential.

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