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Koallah Farm Our Farm

The Castle family has been dairy, lamb and beef farming for over 100 years.

Situated on the banks of Lake Purrumbete in South West Victoria, Koallah Farm consists of 905 acres of some of the countries most fertile agricultural land.

The property is utilised for beef breeding, lamb fattening as well as producing 1.4 million litres of milk per annum with a 230 head dairy herd.

We have always farmed sustainably – with minimalist intervention ensuring our animals roam freely and develop naturally.

Koallah Farm’s stocking rate is kept very low at one cow and calf to about 1.2 hectares, which means we can sustain our grass fed meat operations even through the tougher times when pasture growth is slow. Our approach is the same with our lamb, pork and chicken – plenty of space, pasture and patience.

Koallah Farm animals are 100 per cent traceable and free of added hormones and antibiotics.

Our beef, lamb and pork are testament to the pasture-rich, open paddocks in which they are free to graze and develop naturally. We believe strongly in the health benefits of grass fed produce.

Pasture raised, free range meat is a product of patient, sustainable and respectful farming – where animals are given time to develop naturally in pastured paddocks, free of stress and artificial promotants.

Respecting each animal is very important to us at Koallah Farm, which is why we advocate nose to tail eating and consumption of the entire carcass.