Koallah Farm Beef Shorthorn Hereford

All our Koallah Farm beef cattle are bred naturally in their paddock, with their mothers covered by a bull. Our stocking rate is approximately one cow and one calf to every 1.2 hectares.

In addition to pasture, the cattle receive hay and silage harvested from our properties when required.

Sometimes seasonal conditions can make it very difficult to grow beef cattle to the standard our Simply Free Range customers deserve.

If necessary, we can now supplement their feed with a specially designed pellet that meets pasture-fed certification guidelines. More often than not though, thanks to our good rainfall and rich soils, our beef reach our target 420kg weight on their mother’s milk, pasture and fodder alone.

When calving time approaches, our cows are checked at 5.30am, midday, at 5pm and again at 10pm.  If we need to render assistance with a calving we do, but in the vast majority of cases the calves are born naturally in their paddocks.

The first 24 hours are very important for a calf, which needs a good feed of its mother’s colostrum. Colostrum contains important antibodies which protect the calf from disease. While some farmers intervene in this process, we leave it to nature and the success rate is excellent.

After about three weeks the calves will begin to eat grass from the paddocks and hay and silage when they want to. They remain with their mother and drink from her right through to processing.

When they’ve reached processing weight and age, the cattle are separated from their mothers and travel less than 2km to our on-farm boutique abattoir at Koallah Farm. They spend one night away from their mothers, together in a large soft floor pen and are processed respectfully by our own team early the following morning.

Our beef carcasses are aged for about 10 days before being butchered for our online orders at the farm or transported to our retail shops in Mt Waverley and Rosanna where they are broken down.

The mothers are already about seven months pregnant with their next calf, when their previous calf is processed. They dry off naturally and have two months to put all their energy into the health of their new calf before it is born and the process starts again.

So that’s what we mean when we talk about pasture fed, free range beef. To us it means no antibiotics, no added hormones and plenty of wide open space where nature can take its course.Koallah Farm Charolais