Koallah Farm largely relies on neighbouring sheep graziers to provide us with lamb that meet our pasture-only, free range requirements.

We do raise some of our own lambs at Koallah Farm but our lamb program is nowhere near big enough yet to meet the current demand of our Simply Free Range customers.

Often we buy lambs well before they have reached the optimum weight for processing and fatten them here at Koallah Farm to ensure they are in prime condition.

Every lamb grower that supplies us with lambs is required to meet our own internal approval process. This ensures the animals are not fed grain, receive no antibiotics and are not subjected to growth promotants.

Although it would be nice to breed and raise all the lambs ourselves, we are pleased to be able to provide a number of neighbouring farmers with an opportunity to supply us with free range lambs and to be able to pay them fairly for their commitment to grow the animals according to our demands.

Koallah Farm Lamb