Step-by-step meal planning guide

We’re all busy people with busy lives and this often impacts on our evening meals. The freezer might have some meat in it, but that will take too long to thaw and cook, right? So eating out, ordering takeaway or heating a prepackaged meal can become the quick fix.

If this sounds all too familiar, meal planning can prevent it. Meal planning plays an important role in ensuring you and your family enjoy a healthy balanced diet. It also alleviates the daily stress of deciding what’s for dinner, puts a stop to the constant trips to the shops and saves you money. Continue reading “Step-by-step meal planning guide”

Have you tasted real chicken?

More and more consumers are quite rightly starting to question the term ‘free range chicken’. 

Rather than venting how many producers fall well short of meeting customers’ expectations, we thought we’d just let you know what the term means to us at our farm.

The team at Koallah Farm is now growing our own meat birds on our property near Camperdown in south-west Victoria. Continue reading “Have you tasted real chicken?”