Venison field harvesters wanted

Koallah Farm Abattoirs has recently achieved accreditation for the processing of field harvested Venison for human consumption. As a result, Koallah Farm is now seeking venison field harvesters and farmers interested in supplying Venison.

Victoria’s first mobile field depot

Koallah Farm has now registered Victoria’s First mobile depot for the storage of field harvested game for human consumption.

This allows the depot to be conveniently located for easy access when delivering harvested animals.

The result is less time traveling and more time hunting.

We recently featured on the front of Stock & Land. Please click on the cover to read that story.

Harvester payments

Koallah Farm will pay per kg for all Field Harvested Venison with head removed and delivered to Koallah Farm’s Field Depot. All animals delivered must comply with the field dressing and traceability regulations as outlined below.

Field Dressing – Skin, lungs, liver, heart and kidneys to remain attached to the carcass. Heads to be removed prior to delivery to Koallah Farm field depot.

Traceability – the carcass must be tagged with Property Identification Code (PIC), Field Harvester Approval Number, Harvest Date, and Carcass Body number. Koallah Farm will provide tags to registered harvesters.

Consignment Declaration & Delivery

All consignments to the field depot, must be accompanied with a completed Game Meat Harvest Declaration. Animals harvested between sunrise and sunset, must be delivered to Koallah Farm’s depot within 2 hours of being harvested. Animals harvested between sunset and sunrise, must be delivered to depot within two hours of sunrise.

Human consumption buyback and value added options

As a result of the fact that all field harvested animals processed at Koallah Farm are fit for human consumption, any related product can be on sold for commercial purposes. Koallah Farm offers Harvesters the option to buyback selected products which they may wish to market directly to consumers. This is a great way to increase the value of harvested animals. Speak to us about our buyback and value adding options to maximise the value of your hunt.

If you are a Registered Game Harvester, a farmer with a Venison control problem or you would like to find out more information about supplying Game to Koallah Farm, please contact us on 03 5594 5222 or email us at

Please click on the poster below to download a pdf version.